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Stag Sculpture


Birchills are pleased to announce we have been commissioned to build our first sculpture, this magnificent custom hand- made sculpture is made from fully recycled 304 Stainless Steel, aircraft grade, automotive parts.


Standing proud and unique this stag demonstrates its unrivalled craftsmanship.


This majestic and elegant stag with its distinctive antler characteristic is made from recycled ‘Morgan’ car luggage racks.  The unique blend of charisma and adventure contained in the Morgan cars is bought to another use in the production of the antlers.


It’s dignified and masterful head consists of recycled wire brackets, flexible pipe, silencer baffles and tube.


The strong and sturdy body is again made from recycled silencer/muffler casings, a catalytic converter and a pre bent exhaust pipe.


Its legs and joints consist of recycled silencer, muffler baffles, motorcycle exhaust silencers, automotive tube and hanger brackets whilst its rear is made from commercial vehicle bends.


Everything is recycled fulfilling our vision that recycling can make a difference.


Our ethos is to not throw things away just simply utilise them in a different way!


This sculpture is a must have for all wildlife enthusiasts and people who appreciate hand crafted bespoke sculptures. It provides an excellent example of our uniquely skilled master craftsmen working daily on site.


Our In-house design team are available to discuss any bespoke or individual requests that you may have.  Simply give us a call!