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Please see below our exciting range of garden products, suitable for gardens of all shape and sizes.

Stainless Steel Garden Lattice Balls

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Red Lattice Balls with Christmas Bow (Stainless Steel Non Corrosive)

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Duck Garden Ornament

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Black Labrador Garden Ornament

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Our popular exciting range below are available to order now.

Robin On A Fence – Stainless Steel

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Cod In A Pond – Stainless Steel

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Hawk In The Ground – Stainless Steel

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Butterfly In The Ground – Stainless Steel

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Recent Restorations

Proudly we feature our most latest, unique, and sentimental restoration, the ‘Wheelbarrow’.

Dating back to the early 1900’s, the beloved wheelbarrow braved many an element, alongside carrying a story or two. Our restoration team were delighted to welcome the wheelbarrow and bring it back to its former glory.

With detailed attention to both the exterior and interior surfaces, our team emphatically restored the wheelbarrow, to stand alone, with a new lease of life and purpose.

Charmingly, it now sits within the owner’s beautiful garden, standing out as a most unique and delightful flowerbed.
With over 130 years of experience, our restoration team can offer you a truly unique service, bringing memories back to life!

Bespoke Sculptures

The unique sculptures created by our Birchills team are an illustration of our team’s individual creative flair and first class quality products. The attention to detail is quite simply unprecedented.

Our custom made sculptures are hand crafted from fully recycled, 304 aircraft grade, Stainless Steel automotive exhaust parts. Their strength and durability are unsurpassed. Our bespoke sculptures are an excellent demonstration of the distinctive talent, skill and craftsmanship of Birchills’s workforce and it’s in- house custom design team.

All products consist of recycled automotive parts because at Birchills we believe in recycling today for a better tomorrow. We strongly maintain that we all have a shared responsibility and the recycling of our automotive parts to make bespoke products that are meant to last, is a part of that vision. Our products will appeal to all styles, tastes and personal preferences, each providing an asset to any setting whether displayed in a domestic garden environment or on a commercial basis in a showroom or entrance hall.

Our sculptures are a must for all Stainless Steel enthusiasts and people who appreciate unique, bespoke designs.

Latest News

There is always something new happening with BS&R. Please check below to see our latest events and projects.

We at Birchills Sculptures are thrilled to showcase our newest sculpture, the Golden Eagle, at the Palm Beach Art Show in collaboration with Trinity House Paintings.

To help celebrate the Grand Opening of Solihull Art Gallery @solihullartgallery , Birchills Sculptures will be displaying ‘Shadow’, our bespoke, hand-crafted, North Western Wolf, made entirely from 304 Stainless Steel.

All Are Welcome

Saturday 29th October 2022, 1pm to 4pm.

Birchills Sculptures have recently completed a successful show at the world-renowned Blenheim Flower Show.