Bespoke Sculptures

The unique sculptures created by our Birchills team are an illustration of our team’s individual creative flair and first class quality products. The attention to detail is quite simply unprecedented.

Our custom made sculptures are hand crafted from fully recycled, 304 aircraft grade, Stainless Steel automotive exhaust parts. Their strength and durability are unsurpassed. Our bespoke sculptures are an excellent demonstration of the distinctive talent, skill and craftsmanship of Birchills’s workforce and it’s in- house custom design team. All products consist of recycled automotive parts because at Birchills we believe in recycling today for a better tomorrow. We strongly maintain that we all have a shared responsibility and the recycling of our automotive parts to make bespoke products that are meant to last, is a part of that vision. Our products will appeal to all styles, tastes and personal preferences, each providing an asset to any setting whether displayed in a domestic garden environment or on a commercial basis in a showroom or entrance hall.

Our sculptures are a must for all Stainless Steel enthusiasts and people who appreciate unique, bespoke designs.

Owl SculptureMoonlight

Available Now! This beautiful limited edition Owl Sculpture set on a Polished stainless steel log effected tree stand

This stainless steel owl sculpture with a stainless steel log effect tree stand is a stunning combination of beauty, artistry, and craftsmanship. The stainless steel owl statue, with its intricate detailing and lifelike representation, is perched upon a log-inspired stand, crafted from gleaming stainless steel to match. The result is a mesmerizing display of skill, featuring a graceful bird that appears on a broken tree handcrafted. The stainless steel materials used in this sculpture are durable and resistant, ensuring that it will remain a beautiful and eye-catching addition to any indoor or outdoor space for years to come. Whether displayed in a garden, park, or gallery, this sculpture is a testament to the power and beauty of nature and the skill of the artist.


Available Now! This beautifully designed Golden Eagle 'ZEUS' has been handcrafted by our expert design and metalwork team.

This stunning, bespoke Golden Eagle is made entirely from 304 aircraft-grade, rust-free, Stainless Steel and is the epitome of all that they represent – Courage, Freedom, Strength and Immortality.

It perfectly displays the familiar characteristics of the majestic golden eagle including

Wingspan – Each wing contains 130 feathers, realistically shaped and formed

Sharp Talons – Essential for their hunting prowess

Curved Beak – Designed to enable them to tear apart large prey

This ‘King Of The Skies’ measures 2.1m wide and stands a magnificent 7ft tall on its display stand.


It once again demonstrates the unique and unrivaled craftsmanship of our In-house design and fabrication team.

This sculpture is a must have for wildlife enthusiasts and people who appreciate custom made, individual works of art.

Bespoke Northwestern Wolf'Shadow'

Available Now! This beautifully designed Northwestern Wolf 'Shadow' has been handcrafted by our expert design and metalwork team.

Introducing the latest addition to Birchills Sculptures collection of bespoke, hand-crafted works of art, Shadow.
Shadow demonstrates the chilling, yet elegant, characteristics of a typical North-Western wolf as he prowls around his natural habitat, namely the North American forests tracking and tracing his prey.
The detail and craftsmanship of our In house team amalgamates to produce truly superb and fine examples of one of the world’s most majestic land predators.
His menacing eyes and his lifelike nose and ears provide him with a sharp sensation of vision, hearing, and smell enhancing his ability to hunt in the wild.
The attention to detail has even been expanded so that Shadow’s weight is comparable to that of a real wolf.

For more info on any custom works please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Available Now! This beautiful limited edition Owl Sculpture

Birchills Sculptures are pleased to introduce a new work of art into their indoor/outdoor range of Stainless Steel Garden products and bespoke lifestyle pieces.

This majestic and stunning owl, known for their symbol of patience and wisdom, once again exhibits the skill and craftsmanship of our In-House design and fabrication team.  The attention to detail is second to none.

The owl’s detail clearly shows the layout of its feathers, its sharp hooked beak and its strongly arched talons which all contribute to him being a successful predator.

It could sit proudly in any garden or become a welcoming sight inside an entrance hall or porch.

This owl made from upcycled 304 aircraft grade stainless steel, fully compliant with Birchills Sculptures ethos of upcycling today to provide a better tomorrow.  All of our bespoke products are designed to last thus having less of a detrimental impact on the environment around us.

This Owl Sculpture is a limited edition version with 10 available.

BespokeWolf's Head

Available Now! This beautiful commissioned Wolf's Head handcrafted by our expert design and metalwork team.

Birchills Sculptures are expanding their skills and expertise once more. This new and exciting venture showcases a stand-alone Wolf’s head demonstrating all of its intricate detail. It comes displayed on its own custom-fitted Stainless Steel stand ready to be exhibited in a variety of environments.

Birchills Sculptures also offers commissioned work if you are interested in your own bespoke piece then please get in touch.



Available Now! This beautifully designed regal stag sculpture has been handcrafted by our expert design and metalwork team.

This magnificent custom hand- made sculpture is made from fully recycled 304 Stainless Steel, aircraft grade, automotive parts.

Standing proud and unique this stag demonstrates its unrivalled craftsmanship. This majestic and elegant stag with its distinctive antler characteristic is made from recycled ‘Morgan’ car luggage racks.  The unique blend of charisma and adventure contained in the Morgan cars is bought to another use in the production of the antlers. It’s dignified and masterful head consists of recycled wire brackets, flexible pipe, silencer baffles and tube. The strong and sturdy body is again made from recycled silencer/muffler casings, a catalytic converter and a pre bent exhaust pipe. Its legs and joints consist of recycled silencer, muffler baffles, motorcycle exhaust silencers, automotive tube and hanger brackets whilst its rear is made from commercial vehicle bends. Everything is recycled fulfilling our vision that recycling can make a difference. Our ethos is to not throw things away just simply utilise them in a different way!

This sculpture is a must have for all wildlife enthusiasts and people who appreciate hand crafted bespoke sculptures. It provides an excellent example of our uniquely skilled master craftsmen working daily on site. Our In house design team are available to discuss any bespoke or individual requests that you may have.  Simply give us a call!


Available Now! This beautiful commissioned Wolf sculpture has been handcrafted by our expert design and metalwork team.

Upon hearing about the professionalism and skill of Birchills workforce we were contacted by a client with a vision to obtain a Stainless Steel Wolf sculpture which he had been unable to source from anywhere else for a long time.

Meetings were held with our design team and ideas were created with the aim to commission a bespoke, life-like and realistic, howling wolf, used from Automotive recycled parts.

The end goal was to hand-craft and recreate a wolf demonstrating their distinctive characteristics.

This particular client requested an aggressive look to the wolf whilst still portraying their strength and resilience.

Recent Restorations

Please click and grab the circle to scroll right to left, revealing our beautiful before and after restoration.

Proudly we feature our most latest, unique, and sentimental restoration, the ‘Wheelbarrow’.

Dating back to the early 1900’s, the beloved wheelbarrow braved many an element, alongside carrying a story or two. Our restoration team were delighted to welcome the wheelbarrow and bring it back to its former glory.

With detailed attention to both the exterior and interior surfaces, our team emphatically restored the wheelbarrow, to stand alone, with a new lease of life and purpose.

Charmingly, it now sits within the owner’s beautiful garden, standing out as a most unique and delightful flowerbed.

With over 130 years of experience, our restoration team can offer you a truly unique service, bringing memories back to life!


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